New Book Arbitrage

Would you like to make money buying and selling books? If so, you've come to the right place. Here, you will find a simple set of instructions for making money by using Amazon.

If you follow these simple rules, you'll be well on your way to making some good money. The first thing you will want to do is install the Keepa extension in your web browser. This special extension will provide useful statistical information on books you look at on Amazon. If you need help installing the extension, try doing a Google search.

What kinds of books will you be looking for?

- should have a minimum new prime cost of 42 dollars or more
- should have a Keepa Sales Rank of 500,000 or lower for last 180 days
- should be at least a 20 dollar difference between new MF and new prime
- the MF seller you use has at least 10 ratings, at least 90% positive
- if (low_fba_new - low_mf_new) * 0.53 > 10.00, the book is a keeper!

Begin work on the first Monday of the month. Take the previous business days of the month off. Only work three weeks of the month.
First whole week of month

Monday Schools and Teaching
Tuesday Biology
Wednesday Psychology
Thursday Medical
Friday Marketing

Second whole week of month

Monday Business & Money
Tuesday Science & Math
Wednesday Health & Fitness
Thursday Reference
Friday Politics & Social Science

Third whole week of month

Monday Computers & Technology
Tuesday Engineering & Transportation
Wednesday History
Thursday Humor & Entertainment
Friday Travel

- if you do 100 profit a day (about 1 hour), that's 1500 per month
- if you do 200 profit a day (about 2 hours), that's 3000 per month
- if you do 300 profit a day (about 3 hours), that's 4500 per month
- if you do 400 profit a day (about 4 hours), that's 6000 per month

Here is an example of the type of book to look for:
ISBN 0321927044 has a sales rank of 9111 for the last 180 days.
The new PRIME price is 233.73.
The new MF price from a reputable seller is 155.99 including shipping.
(233.73 - 155.99) * 0.53 = 41.20 profit
These numbers are current as of the writing of this document (26 April 2017).

Additional notes: On average, it takes about a day per 100,000 parts of a six month rank to get a book sold. So, if the book has a sixth month rank of 434,000, it will take about five days before it sells. If the book has a rank of 122,573, it should take two days. If the book has a rank of 21,982, it should take only a day for it to sell.

So, if your highest book rank is 495,923, and Amazon has all your books, it will take around five days for them to all sell. After that, you will have that much profit in your Amazon account.

Once you know things are working for you, set this whole thing up on an assembly line, with books always in the pipeline.

You should also consider outsourcing the heavy lifting part of the project to a fullfilment house, such as FBA Books Prep.

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